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Haris ( R!d2Ky )!!

PhotobucketI'm now 14 years old and schooling at YCSS. BreakDancing & Hip Hop is my PassiOn (:


SONGZ: BEAST/B2ST Shock. Mystery. Bad Girl. Special. Say No. Easy. Oasis. Ready Go.


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PhotobucketHARIS (:
Monday, November 1, 2010
Posted by haris .
Hey ! srry guys for long time nt updating.. coz i kinda busy .. srry eh.. anyway ntg happen nowadays.. jus bored at home..

anw , i dun have my OCTOBER post as i gt no time to update .. srryy.. k lh i try to recall wad happen on OCTOBER.. it's the month of my birthday !! woohoo !! and i gt a guitar !! yeah !! but second hand lh.. but i'm ok wif it.. :D:D:D anw .. i'm single.. but now i gt like one sec2 girl in my sch !! yeah !! i cnnt tell who she is.. except my friendz :D

k lh i gt ntg left to post.. bye2!

See ya tomorrow.! :D
anitink jus tagg me k ;)

5:28 AM

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Posted by haris .
Hey ppl ! Finally updated my blog.. sryy fer nt updateing my blog ;) k aniwaes, jus now jus had my History N English paper.. k ah .. nt quite hard. tmmrw malay paper.. hope i can do it ;)

Anw now i'm kindda sad rite now coz my gf nvr contact me sia.. so sad. nvrm lh maybe she's a little quite busy, tink so..
k dats all fer today.. tmmr gonna update more. See Ya (:

11:40 PM

Friday, August 20, 2010
Posted by haris .
Hey ! ppl!! Today i learn how to play guitar! i learn to play 3 songz which is I'm Yours , Smoke On Water n Twinkle Twinkle Little Starz!! hahaha!!

Very fun.!

k gonna stop here as i gt ntg left to say .. so ya.. take care ! ;)

Signing Off.(:

6:12 AM

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Posted by haris .
YO ppl !! today audition srewed up coz 4get dance step.. D: i wish i will get selected..
k anw now i 'm quite moody coz of someone.. ya.. so i'm very pissed of with him!! he cn go FUCK HIMSELF UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D: GO get a life -.-
k so ntg to post alrd .. no mood lh.. sorry (:
k so my next post is on friday..
dats all about it.

Signing Off.(:

12:32 AM

Monday, August 16, 2010
Posted by haris .
Hello ppl ! long tyme nvr update.. Sorry..
Anw Happy fasting to all my beloved muslim frriends ! (:

ok, today post gonna be quite short coz ntg much to say..
anw now it's raining!! yeah!! long tyme nvr rain (: ok.. i will like alwaz update my blog on EVERY 2 DAYS, promised as i did nt one my blog to be dead ;)

Now currently i'm learning breakdance as it's for my performance for Teachers Day!! So.. ya.. quite busy ah .. sorry.. anw my audition is on 2 days time so it's on wed.(: Wish me Luck, kays..? (:

k.. so dats all for toady. Keep in Touching . Bye :D

Signing Off.(:

3:15 AM

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Posted by haris .
Yo ppl!! i'm att !haha lol.
I kinda love her.
She's soo CUTE!!
OMG R!d2Ky in Love.. hahaha!! lol
Syg, i love u to the max!
No matter wad, i'll love u ;)

k today gt physics test. lucky Mr leung help (: thkx(:
K than the chinese lesson. Walou super damm! boring ! sia!! the teacher like.. dun know wth she talking crap ! i wish this end soon ! it was so damm waste of my tyme! one hour sia!!

k ppl dats all quite short fer today.
Have a nice day ;)

Signing Out. (:

11:31 AM

Friday, July 16, 2010
Posted by haris .
Official Opening @ YCSS was soo damm EnJoYable!! very worth it sia!! i oni like the part where i need to where blazers and long pants. Very nice sia.! den the other part that i like is the part where it's my turn to perform! I go ALL OuT!! The Nobody dance was worth it! and i like my BabyFreeze! The finale was quite okz! Overall it was Worth It n EnjoyAble!! i can't 4get bout it.

I can't wa8 for National Day celebration at my sch.. coz i'm gonna be performing the Nobody dance, Again!! yeah! i will be wa8-ting fer that !! (:

Alrite ppl, dats all fer today. Srry fer nt updating fer a long tyme.. and.. ya..dats it.
Bye ;)

Signing Off (:

10:41 PM